Taking your ATV with you is easy with a ABH Up-Lander!

The 3 S’s of the Up-Lander

  1. Safety & Security
  2. Storage Space
  3. Size


Secure Loading and Unloading are a high priority at ABH. The ABH Up-Lander makes safety and security a reality while you use your outdoor toys. The hitch and main frame are rated at 850 pounds and oversized spring-bolt pins hold the ramps in place while driving to and from your destination.

The Up-Lander ramps are bolted onto the main frame of the Up-Lander. That means your ramps can be trusted to stay where you put them when driving on and off your Up-Lander. Your rear ATV tires sit in the mainframe to keep from rolling and it’s easy to strap the rear axle to the mainframe for travel.

STORAGE Space Matters

The big benefit of the ABH Up-Lander is the extra storage space it creates. Even with a “short-box” truck, you can create extra room for tools, camping or hunting gear for whatever adventure you’re heading out on. 

SIZE Matters

The ABH Up-Lander is built with an adjustable mainframe deck allowing it to be used on different truck models and tailgate configurations. This allows the Up-Lander to be set to the size you need to be for ease of use and keeps your tailgate safe.

The ABH Up-Lander ramps also fold fully forward to store them when the Up-Lander is not in use.

No other product is safer or easier to use to load your ATV into your truck.

Are you an Up-Lander?

Space, Safety, and Size…no trailer required!

ABH Up-Lander Snow


Loaded n’ Locked

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