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Al Bergen

Al Bergen is the designer and builder behind the ABH Products. He’s been in the design and manufacturing business nearly his whole life.  Al’s Dad (Peter Bergen), started Bergen Industries in 1949.  Al remembers learning to weld at an early age “to keep me out of trouble”. 

By the time he finished grade 3, he built his first cultivator – much to his mother’s regret when he tested it in her garden.  He worked at Bergen Industries for 34 years – until the Bergen family voted to close the doors. Those 34 years allowed him to gain a deep knowledge in a broad range of the manufacturing industry.

Now, Al has taken all that experience and blended his joy of design and manufacturing with his love of sharing the outdoors with his family & others.  The products he designs and produces are built “Saskatchewan tough”!  He focuses on safety and reliability, because he wants his family and friends to be able to benefit and enjoy using those products.  All of the products are designed to not just get the job done, but to last through the rigors a farmer, rancher, outfitter, or backcountry explorer can throw at them.

Our products are designed in the heart of Saskatchewan to be built strong, built to last, and built for the rugged conditions you and mother nature throw at them.

Have a serious project that could use more than your little red wagon? Take a look at our Built Solid ATV Trailers.

Have a short box pickup truck that needs more space for camping gear or farming supplies but you have no desire to license a trailer to put your ATV on? Take a look at our hitch-mounted, box extender for your ATV or Side-By-Side, the Up-Lander.

Have a gate that has its own mind about when to open and when to close? Take a look at our lockable, secure, and strong Gate Latches.

Loaded n’ Locked

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